How do i check this error?

Guys and girls,

i have an error on this page. (cannot click on tabs)
think is because of a overlay div or so…

How can i check this myself… i can not always count on Samliew! :wink:


I do not get notified in “Design Help” category unless you type my username with @ in front, like this: @samliew

Which page are your tabs on? I can click on all tabs in your site. Please take a screenshot of your tabs.

ok, noticed that! Thank you @samliew

its this url:

Your embed code in first tab is invalid, breaking the other two tabs after it.

Your the hero Sam!
Can you tell me how i can find this errors?
it feels so and so stupid to ask… :wink:

Usually it’s invalid custom code which breaks the site. So, review all your custom code.

I found it using Chrome inspector tools (F12) - there was only a single tab published/detected, so I figured that there was embed code in the first tab.

Thanks for the Tip Samliew

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