How do i change the colour of this slide animation?

Here is my README link

hi @Hayley_Jones code related to this element is in your HTML embed element on line 40

Thank you for your reply, Where is it I access that code? and can I change the colour of this animation?

Thank you for pointing that out. I found that part, but was not ale to open the code from double clicking. How is it you were able to open that up to see the code that was added?

It looks to me as you are on free plan that doesn’t allow custom code. Only option is to upgrade.

This is my paid site, I copied this page into my site. But still cannot open the code with double clicking?

@Hayley_Jones Hello, make sure that the html embed is selected and then go to the right panel and click on settings. There should be a button that says Open Code Editor. (See Screenshot)

Edit* If it doesn’t allow you to edit the embed then you may have to upgrade your Webflow Account to at least a “Core Plan.”

Here is the link to the pricing - Plans & pricing | Webflow

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Thank you!
So, what would be the code if I don’

t want to have a gradient? and if I want to use specific colour is it based on a HEX code colour?

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This link will show you css syntax and how to change things like this - CSS Tutorial

For this instance you could just change background-image: to background-color: Hex Value;

Make sure you have the the colon and semicolons where they need to be.