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How do I centre this?


As you can see I have a banner like thing coming down from my NavBar and I can’t find any way to center it other than as a percentage of the screen which is fine for when the screen is the same size as mine but when the screen is any different or they haven’t got a full window, it will look wrong. I have tried quite a few things but they all seem to give the result I have shown below.

Picture 1: How it is currently centered it
Picture 2: How it looks when it is not in full screen
Picture 3: What happens when I try to solve this

Thank you for your help,


(all I really need to do is get rid of that white)

There are a few ways to centre an image, so it stays in the centre. Could you share your read only link?

I could then show you how it’s done easier with screenshots or video using your own site.

This may also be useful…

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Thank you very much @magicmark, could you show me with some screenshots of the site?

Here is the read-only link:

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It’s easier with a video. This should solve the issue you were having.

Hope that works for you.

I should add, if you want to be able to click the logo to go back to the home page, you can keep the Brand link and put it in that, or just put it in a new link-div. Where a parent (i.e the logos container) sits, the child will go too (the logo). Just like a real family. :smile: