How do I center my logo using the mobile hamburger menu?

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to center my logo in the mobile hamburger menu strip view, since it’s currently only allowed to exist on the left, while the burger is on the right. I used the margin and padding options which indeed moved the logo, but the logo does not stay perfectly centered on all mobile devices, instead shifting around quite a lot.

My goal is to have the logo always centered on all mobile devices while the burger drop down stays on the left or right.

How do I do this?

Thank you,

Richard Nash
Los Angeles, CA


Give Menu container Text align Center.
Then on mobile view, give Menu button float Left. And Logo container Float None.


thank you for trying Rowan, but that did not seem to work for your or my website. Your logo is text, first of all, and not an image like mine is. Secondly, your text logo is centered between the hamburger menu and the right margin, but not in the center of the left and right margins. I want my logo to be centered as if the hamburger menu is not there, which is proving to be beyond my ability.

Again, I thank you for trying, though :slight_smile:

Richard Nash
Los Angeles, CA

Hi. It’s about the settings of Logo container (block), doesn’t matter if you put image or text in it.

You can give logo cointainer position Absolute to get what you want:

it’s still not working for me. Here is my public link:

Thank you for your help Rowan.

ok, i’ve figured it out. Thank you very much rowan :slight_smile:

How you do it share please…