How do I answer these questions from my client?

Hi I told my client i will be using webflow to build the website. Here are some questions they are asking and I don’t know how to answer them.

1.Backend Server Language (e.g. java? Php? Nodejs? Python?)
2. CMS Language (Every system is built by program, what is it? even your own proprietary framework. Php? Nodejs?)
3. Which database will be used? (e.g. Mysql, Oracle, mssql, MongoDB)

1, 2 and 3: “Webflow.”
I’d tell the customer that the reason you use Webflow is that you need 0% of your costly time to take care of these backends and therefore you can use 100% of your time for the customer’s website.

“Webflow” is the back end server language…?

Webflow does not disclose all the components used inside its infrastructure. I would not try to answer the questions the way they were posed as they will just keep resulting in more questions. Why not just share the links to the relevant pages on the site? If the client is enterprise level, they could have a conversation with the enterprise team.

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