How do I anchor content into background image?

Hi guys,

I am seeking to make a link block appear out of particular point within my site’s background image, but I’m having trouble formatting. How do I anchor content to the background image? I’m currently using a div block to take up the whole screen with an image and then loading link blocks inside, positioning them through relative positioning, but when I preview the site, everything moves and the links unglue themselves from the background image. Any ideas how to achieve this effect? Thanks for all your help!

Hi @AhziRa if I understand correctly this video may help you how it can be done.

This video is along the right track however I’m still having trouble after replicating his actions. I want me hero image to take up the whole screen.

I’ve tried making my main image the background of a Div and uploading it as its own image within a Div block. I set the size for width and height to 100%, and then set the Image to “Relative” positioning. I then created another div with a link inside with my desired pop up image, set this to “Absolute” positioning.

My problem occurs when viewing the site preview, everything shifts to the left out of my desired location in relation to the main image. Any thoughts how to trouble shoot this?

Here’s a link to my site to preview the issue:

Thanks for everything!

hi @AhziRa sorry I cant help further as I do not use his design system but I will recommend to check it and it is called Wizardry as this approach is based on it.

Good luck

I am also searching for the same problem. I have tried different methods but unable to get the desired results, if you found any solution please mention me there.