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How do i adjust the look of the "current" menu link?

I’ve been playing around with a new menu style I’m trying to create.

The one thing I need help with is that I want the menu text to show up as you scroll down the page. I need it to show the “current” section.

As you can see for yourself by clicking my share link, when you hover over a menu icon you will see the menu text appear showing you the name of the menu link.

I need the text to appear as people scroll down the page. Section to section I need the text to change to the appropriate menu link name.

How would I do this?

Here is my public share link

One option to use JQuery to read the element ID
then update the current nav status.

If you know JQuery… its not too difficult to achieve.

Another way could be to create duplicate nav settings.

Then with some Webflow interactions… you light up one of the nav / divs…
and hide all the others.

The second method keeps it all in Webflow…

Keep in mind… since JQuery is “part of” Webflow…
so it’s not like… “using JQuery” is “outside of Webflow”.

It’s pretty much just a skills differentiation.

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Thank you.

I’m going to use an alternate menu style for tablets/phones.

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