How do I add one site to another?

So I have a main site and a developer for some reason built a second part of our site as a separate website. How do I add the other website as a “page” to the main website so that both sites are merged into one? I want users to be able to access that part of the site via the nav menu. I tried wrapping all of the content from the other site into a div block and copying it to a new page on the main but half of the site contents didn’t load and all of the animations that I spent hours doing also didn’t;t merge

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Hi @Glacii_Jpg

Are both sites built in Webflow?
If so you can copy and paste Webflow content from one project to another. Just wrap the whole page in a div and copy that div so that you don’t have to go back and forth copying each element.
If the other website is not built in Webflow, then you will need to host it somewhere else at a different address (perhaps a subdomain) and link to it.

Hi, I did this however, a lot of the animations I spent hours doing and class names etc… didn’t merge over properly and half of the web page content that was copied and pasted into the div block is empty and looks incomplete due to this

Hi @Glacii_Jpg
Oh dear. If you are not using the same class structure across both sites, then you will have to apply the classes you want on the content that you have copied over I imagine. Failing that you may have to rebuild anything that is still not right, or host the other page on a subdomain but that would incur higher costs.