How do I add different background images to a Collection List?

I want to add multiple background images to my Webflow project, but I don’t know how to make it. On my Figma file, which is the final look, I have a lot of ball and grid shapes behind text and images. I was originally thinking of putting a background image behind a Section, but my Section contains a Collection list wrapper, which I’m not even sure how I would be able to edit the background of one collection item without causing the same thing to happen on the other ones.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how I would be able to keep a good positioning of the background items for different sized devices.

And I’m not even sure if the best way to approach this is to even make background images the entire width of the screen. I am open to other ways of doing this if an easier way exists.

Please give me some suggestions on how to proceed. Thanks in advance!

My Read Only site

My Figma file with my goal outcome (4/11)