How do I add a slider in landscape and mobile view, and hide it on desktop

I am trying to add a slider to my landscape and mobile site only. When I try to add the slider in landscape and mobile, it adds it to all versions, and I cant hide it. Anyone know how i can make this happen? Thank you

Just add it and set it to display none at the sizes you don’t want it to appear. It’s technically still part of the DOM but users won’t see it.

Hi Sam, thanks for your response, i tried doing that, but when i hide it in the breakpoint i dont want it shown, it automatically hides it in all of the breakpoint levels

Hi @Fernando_Saavedra

Add it to the desktop and then hide (display-none) on desktop. Go to the mobile landscape view and set show (display-show). It will still keep it hidden on Desktop and tablet-landscape/portrait.