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How do I achieve this image effect?


I am trying to get my images to achieve the same effect on scrolling as shown here: Any ideas on how this is done?

How about the typography?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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this is Webflow’s game absolutely. You can reproduce this by using the “While page is scrolling” IX trigger. The first title block has a 3D animation based on it, and the typo effect on pictures can be made with 2 text elements with the same text, and an image. Z-index of the normal white text will be set lower than the one of the image, and the duplicate set with a higher z-index so it’s on top of the picture. This second text can use the text-stroke CSS property using custom code. Then the two texts elements will be positioned one on top of the other, I guess using absolute positioning. The IX will make them move through the picture and one will go under, the stroke one will go over.

Thank you Vincent. Sounds complicated for a beginner. Not sure I follow everything you are explaining.

Btw, how did he get that circle around the mouse pointer?

Thanks again.

Javascript code I think