How do Freelancers use Webflow?

I was wondering how Freelancers use Webflow to design websites.

For example, if I’m designing a website for my client, do you also do the hosting for them via Webflow? Or do you export it into code and send it to them? How do you design for a client who already has an existing hosting service?

Hey, I personally give the client two options. If they are looking for something reliably hosted and 100% managed I offer them the Webflow hosting option. If they prefer their own hosting provider or want to give the source code to a developer I send them the code.

I offer a design and development service to my clients. I also explain their hosting options with them. Either host with Webflow or host externally.

If they keep me on for support the hosting is included in the support fee. If they ever get tired of me they can switch to there own account of go with external hosting. (Keep it cleat that the CMS feature stays with Webflow)

If they host externally I offer to integrate there site with Modx.

If they need e-commerce I offer to integrate the Webflow Design with Shopify. Either a full integration or just he buy buttons, depending on their needs.

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Interesting, never used Modx. Are there any tutorials available on Webflow to Modx integration?

There aren’t any specific tutorials for converting Webflow to Modx. However any tutorial that explains how to use HTML and CSS within Modx is all you need.

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Hey Alex, what do you usually charge for the support fee and what does it entail? I am interested in offering this to some of my clients.

And to the original question, I usually recommend the client use Bluehost for hosting and help them set up the domain for their emails. This is one thing webflow does not offer that is very important for consistent branding. There are also free options with zoho apps but that requires a bit of extra work to point emails there. I still have not offered webflow as a hosting option to my clients because they do not offer direct billing yet. This is a major problem.