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How did Webflow become what it is now?

I discovered Webflow by taking the terrific React course developed by K.C.Dodds, where I found his interview with Vlad Magdalin, Webflow co-founder. This interview referenced Webflow, and Vlad explained that Webflow was his third attempt to create a “no code” development environment. Then I read the article No-Code Website Builder Webflow Went From Near Bankruptcy To A $72 Million Series A Funding Round.

This story is way above impressive as it demonstrates great persistency and even greater talent. Developing applications with Webflow creates the perception of listening Mozart’s music: light, colorful and quite deep. The fact that it took nine years to succeed may just indicating that composing music is less difficult than writing software - either way, Sergie Magdalin, Vlad Magdalin and Bryant Chou deserve a a huge congratulation and respect.

I will admit that in last 30+ years I went through many more attempts to simplify software development than Vlad & Co. - and never felt achieving a breakthrough. So, I plan to stay with Webflow and watch where it will lead me, with gratitude.