How create filter options for users on my blog

I want this feature in my website, I think it’s useful tool to filter any kind of content ( in this case use it as the choosing of template")

I would love if I can do like Could you possibly tell me how to create this feature?

Thanks a lot

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Hello @caocaoyu,

While Webflow do not nave such function, users on the forum found workaround for create such functionality.

For create filter/sort option for users on your blog you can use tabs widget.
On every tab pane you can add dynamic list and sort/filter it with particular option. Every tab-link will have a title which will show the option.

For example:

“All” - Dynamic list without filtering
“Free” - Dynamic list filtered by “tag” field with value “free”
“Paid” - Dynamic list filtered by tag field without value “free”

Same with sorting.

So basically you are pre-filtering content and put it to the different tab panes. User click on tab-link and choose what he needs.

Only restriction in this workaround - no more than 10 dynamic lists on one page :confused:

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I have to say Thank you a lot to you , Sabanna.

What if users filter 2 Dimensions at the same time( like example above)

How can I do it?

You are welcome @caocaoyu.

I think you could even use tabs inside the tab-pane. Sure it is not the best way, but for now I do not see better one :confused: