How could I transmit the parameters within the GET method to two sites simultaneously?

Hi all,

due to our newsletter provider, we need to set “action” instead of “redirect” within the “Get” method in order to transform the data successfully to our newsletter provider. However, in this case we do not get any form submissions in Webflow. Do you know how we can do both- receive the date in Webflow and transfer it to out newsletter provider?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi @radost,

Have you tried using Zapier?
I use it to get the name and email from subscribers sent directly to MailChimp.

If your newsletter provider is included in the available integrations, then it’s really easy to set it up and it’s an automated process after that :slight_smile:

Let us know!

Hi @IggsTP,

unfortunatelly our newsletter provoider, emarsys, is not included in the available integrations. :confused:
Do you have any solutionions in this case?


Hi @radost

Unfortunately, I don’t…
Even without using Zapier, I would usually just use Webflow’s forms.

The other solution I can think of, would be something I haven’t done since I started with Webflow…
I would code manually and then upload to my server, but that takes some time and code that I haven’t done for some time :confused:

Maybe someone else here might be able to help you