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How come the the final view is different?

Hi, guys
i’m having hard time to find out the issue for my website here.
the site view from my design panel is looking like this

however the final view is looking like this

and here’s my share link

thank for the help in advanced :smile:

If you are new to webflow this is definitely not the template for you. It is confusing for me and I’ve been using webflow for a year and a half. I couldn’t even figure out how to get to that page. Pages with too many interactions like that i think are pointless and cumbersome not to mention browser incompatibility. If i landed on a page like that I’d probably close the window as soon as i opened it, definitely not what you want from potential clients. Sorry i can’t help.

Hello @cloudmax

You are just trouble maker :slight_smile:

Size of you “Project Container” now in %. And it is % of the Body size. So, every time, when your site will be open with different screen resolution (or change size of browser window) size of those containers will change and you never know if they will stuck together as you wish.

Change it on pixels and your problem will be fixed.

Good luck

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