How canoncalize this issues?


Does anybody know how to fix those issues? I’m kinda new to SEO and i have this issue on semrush SEO tool, does anybody know how to fix them. I tried using general canoncalization at https:/ but only what happened is it created even more errors because it tried t crawl pages for example instead
Please share how and what should i add where because im lost right now


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -*

I see your project is self-hosted and Webflow exports .html files.

How you approach this issue depends on what access you have to the web server you are using and if rewriting is enabled/available to you. You can lookup “remove .html extension apache” if on Apache for example.

Another approach with .html files is to move all files into a folder with the same name, changing the filename to index.html and update your links accordingly. I use shell scripting to automatically do this as well as update all links. But you can do this manually.