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How Can we decrease the scroll speed

Hello Experts,

I need to decrease the scroll speed for my site How we can do this with web flow, Is there any Idea ,

Please do help.
Thanks In Advance.

Gorakhnath Poul

What you’re looking to do is “scroll hijacking”. it requires Javascript and can’t be done with Webflow only. You can google “Scroll hijacking” to find the appropriate resource for your case.

Hi Vincent,
Yes I am looking for scroll Hijacking only…So if it is not possible with webflow it requires javascript

I have seen Custom attributes Like can we use data-scroll-time and value 0.5 ,
Is it possible scroll hijacking with this attribute.


AKAIK, custom fields are only text data. Those data will be used by scripts for some effects. A custom fild and its data do nothing per se. In your example, fthere’s most likely an API written in JS that will apply the desired speed.

Ok Fine…

I will try to get API for the Same.

Thank You.
have A Good DaY.

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