How can TypeScript be used in Webflow?

Several months ago, I was introduced to FinSweets TypeScript developer starter kit. At the time, I wasn’t far enough along as a developer in terms of my skills to make it work.

This was quite frustrating because my scripts were reaching sizes that required something better than writing code in the Chrome Developer Console.

Long story short. After months of research, endless testing, and numerous client projects, I’ve come up with a solution that makes it easy (with just one npm i command) to create TypeScript projects in a Visual Studio code environment and take advantage of rapid testing and features like Autocomplete.

To learn more, copy the GitHub template for free → GitHub - BarthMedia/TypeSpaces-for-Webflow: Template repository for building rich native JavaScript / jQuery applications for Webflow

I look forward to hearing and answering your questions.

P.S. A more beginner-friendly version can be found here → How to write a JavaScript application with multiple files for Webflow?