How can I use the same custom code slider three times? (Splide.js)

I use custom code for a project, which I working on right now. I found this code from a video by Timothy Ricks. It is a splide.js code. However, It only works for my first section. I need three same section. I tried to change the code about, but It still does not work. Would be great If someone could tell me how to solve it!

The code is:

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I am having the same issue @alikk. Using the same video from T.Ricks. I also need to have 3 of the splide sliders on one page.

I have 2 splide carousels set up. The 2nd carousel does not drag when I try dragging. And, I noticed that the 2nd set of arrow controls are affecting the FIRST instance of my splide slider in the page. There must be a way to indicated splide-1, splide-2, etc. to indicate which slider should get which arrow controls.

Hey, I have solved it now. You can add multiple ones by adding an Id on the Splide div. I think Timothy ricks even updated it’s code snippet. Just checkout his post on notion. If you have still some questions just write me a message I can try to help you. :+1:

I hope this helps