How can i tweak animations in exported code?


I have exported the code of a website i’ve built in webflow which has a few animations. I want to change the properties of some of these animations but i can’t find the code for them. I am looking for the @keyframes css rules. It seems that the exported code doesn’t include the @keyframes rules. How can i make some changes to my animations? I know i can go back to webflow designer, make the changes there and export the code again. But what i would like to do is tweak these animations in the code editor.

Thank you, Nik Ches.

If you mean transitions, it will be in the projectname.webflow.css file. If you want to edit the interactions, you’re out of luck unless you know JavaScript.

Hello Sam, thank you for your answer.
I’m a bit confused with animations. I thought webflow’s animations were css animations and that i could tweak them in the exported code. Basically what i want to do is to change some properties of the element i’m animating at different stages of the animation e.g. change the color half way through the animation. Any suggestions on how can i do that?

Webflow Interactions are done in JavaScript. I’m referring to this: