How can I trigger interaction with only one particular class in a comboclass?


any idea how I can trigger to move independent non-selected element with with one click to move
[btw cant upload picture] Imgur: The magic of the Internet only apply animation on the outlined combo class, without affecting the non outlined
here is the demo

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this the sitekoan

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One workaround for that would be to add one element and add just that class, no need to style.

Now edit the interaction and type that class name, you should see it in the dropdown and select it.

Try and check this, it should work. By the way, later you can delete that newly created element later.

Oh I forgot to mention those are nested elements. This forum is weir cant share screenshots.

You have right in the interaction action section the affect offers class, but its not customizable its affect the parent class, even though I have the 4 option to try. I doesnt results any of ideal interaction

Any other option. Is it possible to add multiple interaction to one trigger?

Did you try the option I mentioned above?

And yes you can add multiple interactions to one trigger.

I didn’t really got your point, but I have figured out eventually

Ok great that you found it yourself.

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btw you can’t add just one class if it’s a nested class
even if you type specificaly that class it comes with combo