How can I tell which elements have interactions?

Many of the bugs I encounter on a day to day basis are due to an interaction accidentally applied to an element somewhere on the page.

Is there a trick or manner in which I can find which elements on my page have interactions applied to them? It is very time consuming to expand every single element, click on an element, then go over to interaction tab to see if it has an interaction applied.

That’s a common issue working with with Webflow and Interactions.

Unfortunately not that I know of. I think you’re right to want to address this. It will help numerous users.

Please write a wishlist post in, I’ll put some of my votes on it.

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looks like maybe the issue sort of exists? :

Great, so create an account on the wishlist, and use some of your 12 votes on this issue :slight_smile:

Edit: although, Interactions 2.0 should come soon and maybe there’s a rework of how they’re assigned and how the system works… we will see, can’t wait.

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