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How can I style "items" in CMS?

Hi Everyone,

This is Heidy, I wonder if anyone knows how to style the “items” the Project details within CMS collections in a template. I am trying to add my case study on there, but I couldn’t add style and other things.
I also found that everything is linking together. I can not change anythings without changing the other things on a different page. How can I unlink those cms without mess up the template? I am very new here in webflow. Please explain all the steps if possible, I am open to learn more.
Thank you very much.


Here’s the screen shot of the area that I am addressing, hope that help explain my problem.

Hi @Heidy, welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

  1. The field you refer to is a Rich-Text field which is customizable up to a certain point.
  2. CMS items by definition can not be separated, they are all part of the same database. You could use ‘conditional visibility’ or different CMS Lists for each item.

I strongly suggest to watch and follow the Webflow university videos! They are very informative and you can use them to learn how to use theplatform.