How can I stop closed pop-ups from reappearing?


Hey friends,

I have added a pop-up to my landing page that has a close button. Everything works fine until one scroll back to the initial trigger that retriggers the animation. Appear Animation triggers after scrolling after the nav dissappears.

Anyone know how I can keep the pop-up closed forever after being clicked the first time.

Love your work


I would change the trigger on the popup to “Wait” and set the seconds to like 6 (6000 ms) or something before it pops up. Some users don’t scroll, but might be interested in the message. Have it ease in to make it a little more classy.

Just my 2 cents.

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Also if you must keep it the way it is, maybe the link “not interested” can be a move state that sends it off screen, then it can pop up as much as it wants and it will never be seen. Or the trigger can change the pop up to hidden. Then there is no state that will undo it.

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I actually came up with a better idea, but incorporated your suggestions because they are really good.

Here was my solution:

I changed the trigger from “scroll” to “load”. So it will reload if one reloads the page, but that is fine.

NewInBoston, love your work. Thanks for the input.

New Problem:

On mobile there is a huge margin to the right after the pop-up gets closed. Don’t know where the issue appears to be.

Maybe change the Z-index so it’s at the very top of the stack.

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