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How can I solve this link issue after update site plan

Hi Webflow

I still building my web as below link. But I got trouble after the updated site plan that shows this image when I try to preview on my browser.

I need my personal sub-domain like that choose the basic version isn’t not enough?
Here’s my preview share as below-

Thank you

Can you explain a little bit more what you’re trying to achieve here? It’s a little bit confusing, thanks.

I just bought GoDaddy domain and follow the step as the tutorial
But still not connect success…?
How long could I try to check status again? I just buy Godaddy 5 hours

thank you

A couple of things:

  1. Add a second @ record pointing to the second IP Webflow recommends:

  2. Check if your not pointing your nameservers to any other hosting provider because I’m seeing that your domain is not pointing to Webflow but somewhere else

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Thank you aaronocampo
I had add then wait a few hours to check status again

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