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How can I set password for single CMS page

Hi guys! does anyone know how to set a password for one of the CMS pages? I know how to set a shared password for all pages in the CMS collection, but is it possible to do so for single page?

@Ginny_Wang Unfortunately not possible on a single CMS page. You could maybe put a field in the CMS collection and then a dynamic embed in the head and have it load something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
var password = "please";
var x = prompt("Enter in the password "," ");
if (x.toLowerCase() == password) {
 alert("Come right in \n \n You've entered in the right password");
 window.location = "good.htm";
else {
 window.location = "bad.htm";

Haven’t tried it myself but could be possible. Just remember it’s a weak hack, turn of javascript and you’re in.