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How can I set multiple colors on one Text Block?

Hello, I have a problem with an animation.
I wanted to built a colored guiding system (easy to understand). Where you hover over colored text which triggers an animation that changes the color of other text blocks. For example when you hover over THEATER (red) on my preview page all the plays show up in red as well. (So far I only animated THEATER!!!) The other thing is when you hover over a specific play (Link Block / Text Block) it should change to another color, depending on how I participated in the play, which works till you hover over THEATER, after that all the links that showed up in red just stay grey while hovering over them.
I guess it has something to do with the On Hover Out animation which just turns the red to grey… Is there a way to just undo the On Hover animation with the On Hover Out animation?
Thank you very much!
All the best, Benjamin

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