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How can I reverse the order of RSS items?

Hi I want my RSS feed to be displayed in reverse order of data published. Is this possible?

RSS feeds provide a pubDate for the item and this is in chronological order. A reader can choose to sort the feed as they choose.

Thanks Webdev, specifically I’m using mailchimp to populate an email listing of events from soonest to latest. I’ve spoken with their support team and they tell me mailchip displays the rss items in the order received from source (in this case webflow). Is there ant way to address this on the webflow side? Or any intermediary solution I can use to edit the RSS feed and then link to mailchimp? Many thanks :pray:

Webflow does not offer a sort. You can take the feed and resort it then provide this new rss to MailChimp by hosting it somewhere. It is just an xml formatted text file.

Ah I see thanks Webdev - rather then manually doing this is there an application or service you can recommend to relay and edit my RSS feed to do this?

Many thanks

Hi @webdev - just bumping this. Can you recommend any RSS reader that has the suggested edit capability?

I can’t since I would just use a text editor. Try your favorite search engine.