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How can I resize columns responsively


How can I resize columns responsively in the Core team page. If I set it for the laptop view, when I change it in tablet, the laptop view gets affected too. And if I create a sub class for the tablet, why does it also show up for the laptop view?


HI @shonali,
what are you trying to accompish exactly?

Yes the class gets applied to all breakpoints, but if you set something in tablet view, it wont affect the desktop/laptop view. You can override fields on different breakpoints. (when the name is blue, then somethin is overwritten at this breakpoint) changes will affect all smaller breakpoints. So if you set, for example, the background color in desktop breakpoint to blue, and overwrite it on tablet to red, your div will be red at tablet AND mobile.


Thanks, Maxi.
This does help hugely. I was trying to figure out how to create the columns in a responsive design and try and fit things in.

I’m having a problem again with the mobile landscape view for the Core Team page. Some of the text in the columns is pushing the grey background out of the frame. Please could you tell me how to sort this out.