How can I reorder the projects in the ONEGA template?

Hi there,
I using Onega template to show my portfolio.
The project list appears by date of project creation, I would to order the projects by my own criterio.
How can I change the project appearance in the index?

And also, how can show more images in a project image gallery?, now is 3 by defeault.

Many Thanks,
have a beautiful day!

Hi @garciaquintana.marta,

Please provide a read-only link and I’ll be happy to record a video to show you how to fix both these issues!


Hi Marta,

I’m going to assume that both projects and your gallery are in your CMS.
When you have a CMS collection, you can select it and click the gear-icon at the top right. of the designer.

There, you’ll find sorting options.

For your image gallery, it’s similar. Select that collection list, and you should see a “Limit” option. Probably it says start at 1, limit 3. Change that to what you need. There are natural limits built into webflow. Any collection list is limited to 100 items before pagination happens. Any nested collection list is limited to 5 items.