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How can I remove the underline from header text

Hi, I duplicated an H1 Text tag and renamed it to a new class. I then turned off the “underline” option but it still shows up? How can I remove the underline from header text?

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Is it inside of a link block or other linked element? If so you need to turn off the underline from the parent element.

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Hi, thanks for the help. I cannot figure out how to find the parent element.

I opted to remove the Heading and used a “Text Link” instead and then it was easy to remove the underline but it still doesn’t act as a link. Do you know how to add a link to a “Text Link” but have no underline?

LauraH, hi I just realized the “Text Link” isn’t actually a link. Do you know how I can add a link to it with no underline?

Should definitely be able to help but Ito make sure I’m understanding your element setup properly, can you post or send a screen shot or share link?


Hi, I appreciate it. I believe this is the correct link. It’s the Title “Lorne Mclean” I want to make the title a link with no underline.

This title ?

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I’m not getting an underline.

Yes, Sorry. I successfully removed the underline but the title isn’t a link anymore. I want it to link to my homepage.

Select the text link
Click the small cog icon that appears by the label
A box appears
Click the page icon, select a page to link to


I’m confused. Do you want the Title to link to the Home Page or not.

If you do… this is where you set it

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more precisely
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Thanks for sharing the link! In the settings tab (next to the designer tab) you can tell it where to link and whether you want it to open in a new window, etc.

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Ok, thanks everyone. I appreciate it.

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