How can I reduce the height of my body to match the real height

Hi Webflow! I have another inquiry,

Look, when I create another page inside my website, I see the “body” has a certain height, and everytime I want to create a wrapper or a container I put a “section” or a “div block” and I set the height 100% and no problem. But this time the height of a new page that I want to create is small just 600px moreless and that is what I just want to display and not to have free space at the bottom of the page, I want my footer close to the end of the bottom, look at my example here

There is a big space at the bottom, How can I reduce the height so that the body can fit to my real height? I tried to set the values in the body but there are unable options there. Thank you!

Hi @Sergio_Maceda, can you please post your read-only link and some screenshots to help us out? :slight_smile: posting guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

Thanks in advance!

Sure, this is my read-only link. Just go to “Misión y Visión” page and you will see the problem:

I use google chrome

hi @Sergio_Maceda, if you set the footer to position:absolute at and bottom, then you can change it’s height to achieve the same affect.

Alternatively, you give the body a grey background and make a “Content” section with the patterned background.

Any questions just ask.


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