How can I put more than 25 photos on a website?

This is my only read link: Webflow - Mi portfolio
I want to put more than 25 photos and the only solution I have seen is to put 2 image gallery but I dont know how to do it, could you help me?


Hi Jorge,

It’s not clear where you’re trying to do this.
But if you’re talking about a CMS item that has a gallery field, yes you could add a second field and duplicate that section to add more images.

If you will have more content than the image, e.g. title, description, link, or if you’re mixing images and video in your gallery - you might instead put them into a separate “media” collection, where each ref’s the main Collection item it’s attached to. This approach would let you have up to 100 images in a single collection list / page.

Hi Michael, thanks for responding.

I have created an image gallery associated with a collection list gallery but I can only upload 25 photos. How can I duplicate it and be able to upload other photos?

You’d build it exactly the same as you did the first one. Add a second field to the CMS collection. Add another collection list to your page. Bind it. Build and style…

It will likely look separate though.

You could likely resolve that with something like Finsweet’s CMS Combine.

Okay, I now have the two collection lists merged with Finsweet’s CMS Combine. Now how can I put different images in the second one? Within CMS Projects I have created another image gallery but it won’t let me link it.

The image gallery that I just created should appear here, right? and the previous one appears


I’m about to get it, I just need to let the new Image Gallery field link to the collection list.

Here is my only read link:

I have 2 collection list created and merged. Now the problem is that the images are the same. It won’t let me link any more sources

You have to unlink your elements within the collection list first, before you can change the collection your list is bound to.