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How Can I Preview a Site I'm Building Live From Another Device?

I’m working on a site and would like to preview it from a different device (i.e. an actual iPad or iPhone - not the tablet/phone preview in the editor). Is there a way to share a link to an in-progress website / Webflow project so I can access it when I’m not at my desktop machine?

Hey Andrew,

Have you published your project? Here is a link with information on how to publish your project.

You can publish your website to a Webflow domain or a custom domain. If you publish to a Webflow domain from the editor, you can click the icon that is indicated by the red arrow in the image below. This will bring you to a webpage containing a live version of your website accessible from any browser.


If you have the free Webflow account plan you can only publish up to 2 pages on your website.

Thanks, Aaron - that’s exactly what I needed. I didn’t realize I needed to Publish in order to Preview.


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