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How can I personalize text within a CMS collection that came with the template I purchased?

I can copy and paste and change the Headlines (H1/ H2/etc) however that’s about it. Any input would be super appreciated. Thank you!

Welcome! You’ll probably want to check out the introduction to the Webflow CMS here, with a whole bunch of other tutorials on the CMS available here.

If you have questions on a specific issue, you can always reply with your read-only link and someone here would be happy to help you further.

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thanks for sharing Mike! fortunately I learned that the template creators had built in a style guide which allowed me make changes that translated to the rest of the projects.

Great to hear you got things figured out! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the community if you have any other questions.

In the meantime, since it looks like you’ve gotten your question figured out, would you mind marking it “Solved”? This lets other community members know that the issue has been taken care of :+1:

Sure thing! All done!

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