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How can I omit a dynamic list / dynamic item from only one page on a site?


It is possible to remove a dynamic list / dynamic item from one page on the site, correct? I would like to keep it where it exists on the second page in the site, but remove from homepage.

How do I break it up? I kept right clicking > delete until I got this empty grid. But I clicked the eyeball with strikethrough to hide it. - That wound up hiding this unit from my other page completely.

Please advise, thank you!

I get it stripped down all the way to the dynamic item in a purple grid (like empty tables)… and when I go to delete that final element, I receive a warning: Individual dynamic items cannot be deleted. You can remove the entire dynamic list instead.

What does that mean? And how can I safely remove without impacting this same element where it exists on a different page on the site?


Hi @Tine22,

The dynamic list placed on the page is just a part of the design structure. As long as we talking about working on the static page with the dynamic list on it and as long as you do not delete collection by itself and , deleting the dynamic list from the page will not affect other page designs.

Different situation will be with dynamic templates. Any changes that you will do on one page will be replicated on other pages of the same template.

Hope my explanation is clear enough.


Ok - I am now seeing that when I preview the page in the browser that table grid vanishes from view and content below rises up to fill that space. So that is good. I can see this module still exists and functions fine on another one of my pages. So that is taken care of now! :sunny:

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