How can I mix premium and free membership posts in a collection list

Hello all
I have blog, and i want create free post and premium post in collection
Can someone can help me, or i miss something ? Manh thank

Content access-control is a feature of membership systems, so how you do this depends on which membership system you’re using. You’ll have a slightly different approach if you use Memberstack v. if you use Webflow Memberships BETA.

Memberstack is more mature in its product evolution, so if you want something ready to plug in now, that’s probably the way to go. If you want something fully integrated into Webflow, than Memberships BETA is coming along nicely and will hopefully be able to do this at some point soon. It’s a key user request in the BETA forums.

Unfortunately there’s no good way to do this now in Memberships BETA. I’ve built a few creative solutions but they’re all quite hacky and have downsides like URL changes and visible redirects.

It’s fun to solve these problems, but not useful for a production system. I’d avoid that. Go with Memberstack if you need this today.

Hi @Ly_H_u_Tri :wave: welcome!

What do you mean by premium posts? Could you talk a bit more about what you’re looking for?