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How can i make transition after hover?

Hello, first of all i would like to say this is an amazing tool and i can’t wait to see how it will grow :smiley:

I have a little problem, i understand how to make transitions on hover, and i make a hover that changes colors on a div, but it only changes them ease-in, and when i move the cursor from it , it reverts to its original state without and ms… so my question is how to do an eas-out transition like the ease-in one… Thanks for your great software !!

Hi @shaulhadar are you saying that ease-in works but ease-out doesn’t?

We disable transitions when you have the element selected, so try to select another element and hover over your element and see if the transition works.

Also, make sure that your transition is set on the normal class, not on the hover state of that class.

Let me know if this help!

Also make sure you choose the ease-in/ease-out transition (last one) and not just ease-in.

Ease in & Ease Out doesn’t work for me either. At this moment I’m doing like so:

  • .button:hover sets to ease in & out
  • .button sets to ease in & out

Setting the transition on a Class (Button for example) will make the transition work - you don’t have to set it again on the hover.

Sometimes hover doesn’t transition out like it transitions in. That has happened to me too. Can you tell me what type of element and what styles (color, or positioning, etc) you are trying to transitioning?