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How can I make the middle section auto adjust?

My middle section needs to auto adjust its high so the site will fit into a large window. Currently this is how it looks:

There is a lot of white space at the bottom…

I don’t really want to set divs and footer sections to absolute values if it can be helped. I need that middle section to auto adjust sort of the same way as setting a table to 100%

The other solutions I have found on the forum that relate to this focus on fixing the footer which is always in view regardless of how much or little content there is. I’m not really looking for this.

I just need that damn middle section to auto adjust regardless of content…

Please help guys? :slight_smile:

@seanjestersloan I’m a little confused to exactly what you mean…? Can you explain a bit more?

you can manually change the height of the middle section by using the “vh” units… they stand for vertical height so if you set it to 100vh then it will be as high as the entire screen, whatever it is…

Let me know if you need any more help :smile:


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Can you sketch, from the image below, how you would like the section to look when the page has this size, please?

Something like this?

I’m hoping for this…

Check this but there’s many ways to achieve what you want


This seams to work if I apply your suggestion to the section and container. However the footer is then out of view and you have to scroll down to see it… very close though :slight_smile:

No it can’t be out of view if it’s FIXED and stuck to bottom.

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Thanks for that video :smile:
Almost there…
Is there anyway to make the footer static though? so it stays at the bottom if you have a page with a lot more content that there is at the moment?

Try letting it position auto and adjust the vh amount of the mainsection, and put it as a min-height instead of height

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Thanks Vincent :smile:

But that would then work for a fixed window size - I need it to adjust to any size window

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