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How can I make the dropdown list be placed at the full width of the parent block?

I need the drop-down lists to be placed across the width of the parent div in which the drop-down is located

Is equivalent to the menu, which is located on the start page of webflow. How to do it?

Hey @nwdsha and @PiterDimitrov , I’m asking for your help

Hi @Bogette

You can set the dropdown list element to be the same width as your parent container. It looks like the container is set to 60vw, so setting the dropdown list to 60vw should work:

@Brando hello! That’s almost what I need. Look, the lists are in different positions. It is important that they are all in the same position - across the width of the parent container. How to do it?



Hi @Bogette

I made a quick video for you here showing how you can do this:

Hope this helps :smiley:


@Brando Thank you! You’re wonderful.

You explained everything in as much detail as possible. Thanks again

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