How can i make an image to change to another when i scroll the page or hover over it?

i tried making a container with a bg image and i put an image inside which i give a scroll interaction so it will be 0% once i scroll down. the preview looks good but then when i publish its not working how come?

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

here is a read only link:

i want to make the round icons change color when hovering over them (replace one png with another) how can i do that?

You can use jquery for that… even JS can handle that.

Setup 2 images… both absolute position in a div.

On mouseOver of #1… hide #1 - show #2.
On mouseOver of #2… hide #2 - show #1.

In looking closer… you could probably continue doing what you are doing (with the scroll)
but add a fade-in.

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