How can I make a 'Task/Problem Blog'

Please can somebody tell me how to make a 'Problem blog for school?



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Can you please explain your question and add details? It is not clear what you want to do, and what the problem is.

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Hello Dram,

I now use but I need a webflow solution to create a sort of Blog-post for ‘problem in the school’ because I’m schoolteacher.

There should be a possibility to select multiple fields and connected to one or more persons.

Thanks to help me further.


I’m afraid this is not something that can just be solved in a few forum posts. You should either post in the freelance category of the forums to ask for help with development or describe exactly what you want to do so that specific problem could be looked into.

This is pretty much exactly what @Benparker built a couple of days ago. Check out his livestream It’s a different product, a system to manage job applications, but the idea is the same. Using data that people enter through a form that gets displayed on the website.


Thanks a lot! This is the best solution ever! And so fast! :slight_smile: But where can a clone the project @rileyrichter … Ben Parker I’m looking forward for an answer… to help my school… in Belgium! (So I don’t need postman any more… ) image
Because I only found your schoolwebsite… but not to clone

Hi, @KarelRosseel82! And thanks for mentioning me @sarahfrison! :webflow_heart:

I made both projects cloneable for you!

Enjoy and let me know if you have questions! :smiley:

@KarelRosseel82 glad you found it helpful :slight_smile: . @rileyrichter wait, so you’ve got two account on here? :thinking: . I saw your profile picture and got super confused, lol!

No, @sarahfrison! I just have the one account, but I appreciated the nod and the mention of my work! :smiley: I stick with rileyrichter since I own that on pretty much every platform. I know it’s confusing and I should change. But, ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t have the energy! :joy:

ah, so I first tagged the wrong person :joy:

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Yeah! :joy: :webflow_heart: Hi to the other Ben! :wave:

Sorry other Ben :slight_smile: :wave:


hey Ben… @rileyrichter… I had the problem with postman How can I make a 'Task/Problem Blog'
so now the calendar… how did you made that exactly?
Thanks to help me
… so I never need any more


is there a possibility to add a date-picker into a field of webflow… ?
And also an editor for text-message?

Hi Ben,

Can you please give us the extra ‘custom code’ we need for each page… so I can copy and paste it into an ‘education’-version of webflow.

Thanks a lot

can you also explain the refresh code ? for the footer… please check it if it is correct… what are the 2 lines above the refresh code?


so a first solution for my Task/Problem issues

but the name comes from the database!

Add to the database Item ID
very important: add plain text: ITEM ID
live item id : why? to update each time

go tp ; can also look like this

than click the ‘use zap’ button
Than connect to the database
so you can select

next step:

create live item

To ‘update an item’ by an option field 'Problem in stage… one / two / Finished

second solution : but not item id neccessary! for tweets (

is it possible that a ‘select option’ is not possible into Zapier?
look to webflow:

where is my priority item ‘prioriteit’ into zapier??

Thanks to help

next step: item update ‘stage’ for a problem: from a dropdown list

now you can choose the item-ID (automatic generated by the posting)

and also the same number for ITEM-ID (we created ourself)

my shared project

waauw it worked…
thanks a lot

I also found @jmonson who wrote it down how to do it ‘finding your item-ID’

and here to description: Zapier - update CMS live items via update csv - #13 by jmonson

Hello @rilyricher I want to ask you for the way you filter forward the messages with ID to a next stage…

Can I also do it without ‘embed code’ and from a dropdown menu?

Thanks to help me