How can I list podcast in a Webflow website

Hi Webflow friends, I am new to Webflow.

One of my clients is seeking me to add a podcast listing from libsyn to their Webflow page. I am not able to find any kind of embed code which could get all the podcast to get listed on a single page (without using multiple individual embed codes) as the client wants it to get updated automatically.

The client needs something like

I think the coin desk site is built with WordPress and its have custom plugins to do the job.

If it’s not possible to embed podcast from libsyn, is there any ways to upload a podcast and list them directly through Webflow ( like blog post)

What you’re describing is an enmbed of a podcast playlist, or collection of podcasts. Does this exist on libsyn?

@vincent I have checked and I think it’s not available to get the playlist embed. Is there any other way to get this.

If libsyn doesn’t have any syndication available, that’s difficult. Do they have RSS on their lists?

Never mind, I have asked the client if its OK for them to add the podcast individually. Waiting for their reply. Anyways thanks for your time