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How can i integrate a cms into my website

Hi, is there anyone who can tell me how to integrate any cms into my website wich i built with webflow. I`m thankfull for any replies.

once you’re done building the template (html, css) of your website in webflow, you can export it out of webflow then import it into any cms =)

Hi @aykut, I use CushyCMS at the moment. It is really easy to integrate if you follow the setup guide.

The great thing about CushyCMS is that it uses CSS to identify editable elements. So all you have to do is essentially add “cushycms” to the title/name of any element in webflow, it will then be directly editable in the CMS dashboard.

Vihan Van Der Walt

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Interesting. I’m going to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the advices. Just checked CushyCMS a few days ago. They have a nice video-tutorial wich shows how to implement the cms easily in the code. REALLY HELPFULL :smile: Thanks again

Aykut Gürkan