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How can I have an image at the very end of a sentence, even after the text wraps?

I think these two images illustrate my problem:

I want the emoji, which is an image, to always be after the period.

It looks fine on desktop but on mobile the image is just not in the right place.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @erickmuller please follow basic forum rules to share read only link as people who may help aren’t wizards to guess how you have set your design.

Yeah I know about that. I just didn’t think that was necessary since its just about a sentence and an image and how to put them together. How I have it at the moment shouldnt matter But I found the solution. You just make the last word a span and put the image as a background image on the right.

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That’s great news @erickmuller, feel free to close your request as solved. :wink:

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