How can I have a bottom-aligned button inside a navbar menu?

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a good day!

Does anyone know how I can have a fixed element on the bottom of my navbar menu for mobile devices (when I open it with a hamburger menu)? I tried to make it :fixed but even with a high z-index it always goes behind the nav menu element. Any help is appreciated!

I wanted the blue button to always be at the bottom of the screen on an open nav menu on all devices. Any idea how I can go about doing it? Here’s a read-only link: Webflow - Yobota WIP - CMS PLAN

Here’s a screenshot. This is the blue button I want to have fixed at the bottom of the nav menu


Set “Nav-Bar” to relative and remove your top-margin

(Your height is set to 100vh so you’ll have to see how it looks on mobile)

then you can position of “Menu Button 3” absolute

Hopefully, that works out well for you!