How can I get these Google links to not display?

Google is displaying links to pages on this site that I don’t want (see screenshot below). They’re homepage variations from the webflow template. I’ve added “no index” code to each page and have them password protected and tucked away in a separate folder.

Do you guys have any recommendations beyond what I’ve already done?

Screenshot with extra links displayed in Google search results.

Hey @pritchettnick, looks like you’ve done well, but re-crawling is always long.
However you can ask google to re-crawl your site via search console.

Can take longer than expect sometimes, i’ve already seen more than a month before i could see what i wanted in the search results.

Stupid question : Why do you keep those variation in your project if you don’t use them ?
Have a nice day,

Yea I’ve done the crawl again. It’s probably just taking a while.

And not a stupid question, man! I keep it because I like some of the elements and layouts. If i need to build pages later I just jump to those for ideas instead of reinventing the wheel.

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