How can i fix the NEON text?

It should be like this:
But for some reason it works like this:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey! Give it the same font color as the glow edge and it should looks good!

Good joke)))))))))))))))))

I did not make any changes after cloning
All this happened by itself

Can you post the original project link (read-only or clonable link)

I described all the details in the first post

The Untitled page looks good! Have you tried to just change this text?

I did not do anything at all just cloned

Then go to the untitled page, that’s the one you’re showing on this link

You can change the text and the animations are still working!

It so simple!
you are amazing!
Thank you!)

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Can you tell me how I can make this page bootable so that it appears And when the site has already loaded it disappeared?