How can I fix my slider so that it displays properly in Phone Portrait mode


I am new to webflow and have started building sites to become familiar with the features.

One site that I am working on is relatively simple. It has a header image, a slider and a footer image.

I am having some difficulty in making the slides work when viewed in mobile portrait mode. The slides do not

center and obscure the right and left slide controls. Here are some questions I have:

  1. What do I have to do to get the slider to work in the mobile portrait mode?
  2. Do designers typically use different images for mobile modes or are does webflow scale the images automatically?
  3. My header and footer images look good in mobile mode but look a bit
    oversized (height wise) in desktop and tablet mode. How can
    I get around that?

My website can be seen at Here is the share link



Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like screenshots and your environment info really speed things up.

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Working on a PC with Google Chrome version 43+

Slider appears to work well in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Landscape but is off center and obscures slide controls in Mobile Portrait mode. See Screen Shots below:

Anybody at Webflow want to help out please?

HI @menezes, Happy to help but your share link seems to be disabled :-/ Can you please enable it so I can access your project?

More info here:

Here is the Share Link:

Thanks in advance.


I have posted a preview link … so if anybody from Webflow or the community would like to offer some suggestions, I would appreciate it.



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